Wow they’re big Undies

The bigger the emotion (undies) the more we are likely to take it on.

But not when it looks like a pair of big girl panties. If we can step back and look at other peoples emotions as undies we don;t need to take them on board we just need to be aware of them and respect what they are going through.



The abusive relationship is often described through the environment the relationship is in. It can be in a domestic environment, a workplace, in and out of the schoolyard or through cyber environments such as social media. However with the onset of social media, emotional abuse that was once generally confined to one environment has the ability to spread into other areas.

Domestic abuse or domestic violence relates to relationships that are domestically joined. This is family or partner relationships and close relationships within the family unit. It involves people who know each other in a house, home or local physical environment but can move onto the social media scene as well. Unfortunately when domestic abuse is talked about it often referred to as Domestic Violence. This title, although it makes to sit up and take notice, is not correct for the situation and tends to refer only to the physical aspects of domestic abuse. It makes people blasé to the destructive, long lasting form of emotional abuse or reinforces the abused receiver that the problem is their fault. They are not being physically hit, there is no violence or evidence of it, and so there is not a problem.

The title Domestic Violence can find men who are being emotionally abused not coming forward or seeking help. Perceived as the ‘stronger sex’ the situation must be even greater for men who struggle to talk about or understand what they are going through. Who do they talk to or turn to? Especially when their partner spews emotional degradation daily or constantly at them. Seeking guidance or counselling is often deemed weak further adding to degradation and concreting what the perpetrator is implying. It presents itself as a lose-lose situation where your dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. This situation can also be pronounced in the workforce or working environment.

Emotional Abuse is not restricted to environments, sexes or age related with the biggest issue being that most people are not aware that they are being abused. Often the perpetrator isn’t aware that they doing the abusing which makes this form of abuse the hardest one to contend with.

Let’s create the awareness now.